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The ADVAN ST V802 is about speed, precise handling, superior grip, plus outstanding wet performance. Today, Porsche & BMW make models with top speeds exceeding 270 kilometers per hour. The speed, heavy weight and high centre of gravity mean these vehicles need an impressive tyre like the ADVAN ST. It is W and Y speed rated with tyres capable of 300km/h. It’s everything you would expect from a premium Yokohama ADVAN tyre


The most advanced sports performance is accomplished by adopting a high-grip compound with a low dependency on temperature.

The compound for ADVAN S.T. achieved excellent performance during high-speed driving tests. Just like the ADVAN Sport, it ensures both flexibility and strength.

W-shaped grooves and twin wide grooves ensure impeccable performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

W-shaped multi-directional grooves quickly expel water for enhanced grip on wet road surfaces while the solid centre rib ensures excellent steering response, high-speed and straight-line capability.

Exclusive construction that incorporates technology developed for sports tyres.

The hallmark of the ADVAN S.T. is its exclusive construction which supports the car’s heavy weight at high speeds. Many technologies were employed to create this sports tyre, which bring it to a level that is unprecedented among SUV tyres.

V802 Available sizes

Inch Size Art. Aspect Ratio Load Index Speed Symbol Origin
20 275/50R20 B3WV802 XRBL BZ12 R6151 50 113 W JPN

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Fuel Efficiency 72
Wet Grip B
External Noise Class

External Noise Value (dB)
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