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TRA code: E-3

An articulated dump truck that works in tunnels.

By adopting a flash pattern and a shoulder protector, it demonstrates excellent cut resistance (tread side) at tunnel construction sites

T / T is a tube type and T / L is a tubeless type.

CP / UG is a reinforced type that uses a Cap compound with enhanced wear resistance and cut resistance.

Note) The groove depth of 23.5R25 is deeper than that of normal E-3, and long life can be expected.

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  • Specially designed for articulated dump trucks.
  • The rock flush pattern and shoulder protector provide excellent cut resistance (tread & sidewall).

RL31 Available sizes

Inch Size Art. Aspect Ratio Load Index Speed Symbol Origin
25 20.5R25 E2L1RL31 S L CP P3469 0 N.A N.A JPN

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Fuel Efficiency N/A
Wet Grip N/A
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