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5-pitch Variation

This pattern is designed with a layout of 5 element types with different block lengths. It reduces unpleasant pattern noise by dispersing the noise frequency peaks.

Lineup for Large SUVs

The GEOLANDAR H/T G056 lineup focuses on the S, H and V speed symbol ranges. This delivers driving performance with ample margin even for high-speed driving in the latest large SUVs.


Reduction of noise heard outside as the vehicle passes

In consideration of the surrounding environment, the noise heard outside as the vehicle passes has been reduced by optimizing the groove layout of the pattern.

( A ) 4 Main Zigzag Grooves

The main grooves have more edge components through a zigzag design. In addition to improving traction, this delivers excellent hydroplaning resistance. The deeper grooves also extend the tyre product life.

( B ) Multiple Lug Grooves

To generate high traction on wet road surfaces, the lug grooves have been optimized to ensure ample groove components. This delivers excellent water-drainage performance.

( C ) Adaptive Shoulder Blocks

Designed with thin ribs that do not penetrate to the inner side of the thick lug groove. This increases shoulder rigidity, improves handling performance and reduces uneven wear. It also helps reduce pattern noise.

( D ) 3D Sipes

3D sipes with a three-layer structure are used within the block. The sipe walls support each other, reducing deformation. The edge components are improved while increasing block rigidity, generating strong traction.