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BluEarth Tyre Concept

BluEarth tyres by Yokohama is a global concept for creating a beautiful “Blue Earth”.

The fuel efficient tyre technology used in Yokohama tyres is signified by the BluEarth technology logo.

Five Pitch Variation Tread Design – Silent Tyre Technology

A tread design which lowers tyre noise and reduces cabin noise.

Yokohama’s silent tyre technology is technically advanced and very sophisticated. Most of the tread design sound optimization is computer simulated to find the optimum groove angles and tread block sizes. But here’s a simple explanation.

Look at a series of tread blocks as they run around the circumference of most Yokohama tyres. The tread blocks are the same shape and you assume are the same size. Look a little closer and you’ll notice they’re all different lengths.

As a tyre rotates the tread blocks hit the road one after another. When they hit they make a noise. When the tyre tread blocks are same size and the same distance apart they hit the road and build up a rhythm. The rhythm makes the noise build to annoying levels.

Yokohama designs tyres with specific tread variations, including the 5 pitch variation tread design, to avoid the build-up of rhythmic noise and other noises.

Low noise tyres by Yokohama address three types of tyre noise.

1. Tyre Tread Pattern Pitch Noise – A continuous high frequency whirring noise which resonates through the air. This tyre noise is generated by the impact of tread blocks hitting the ground.

2. Tyre Tread Pattern Pumping Noise – A hissing or whirring high frequency noise which is reflected from the tyre tread grooves. This tyre noise is generated when air is compressed between the tyre tread grooves where the tyre contacts the road.

3. Tyre Road Noise – Low to medium frequency tyre vibrations generated by the road surface which resonate through the car body into the cabin.

Yokohama’s quiet car tyres are:

1. The ADVAN dB Decibel (V551) super quiet car tyres.

2. The ADVAN Sport (V103) prestige high performance car tyres.

3. The BluEarth (AE01) fuel efficient tyres for everyday driving.

Yokohama’s quiet 4×4 tyres are:

1. The Geolandar SUV (G055) long lasting SUV tyres.

2. The Geolandar ATS (G012) quiet all terrain tyres.

Matrix Body Ply Structure

In in ultra high performance tyres like the ADVAN Sport V105 the rayon carcass tyre construction is turned up close to the tread. Tyre sidewall rigidity is improved in a circumferential direction as the double rayon crosses over from the sidewall to the shoulder.

The matrix body ply structure reduces excessive sidewall deformation. The benefit of this is quicker steering response for the driver. Also, less sidewall flex reduces tyre energy loss which lowers tyre rolling resistance to create more fuel efficient tyres.


Silica Tyre Rubber Compound

Adding silica to a tyre rubber compound helps tyre grip on wet roads. Silica in tyres also helps the rubber resist wear for longer lasting tyres.

Lightening Tyre Tread Grooves

The ‘lightening’ shape grooves increase the groove volume to improve water drainage and wet grip. The shape also increases tread block rigidity which reduces tread-squirm resulting in more grip.