Landcruiser, Prado and Patrol 4×4 All Terrain Tyres




Yokohama makes sensational car and 4×4 tyres. But the lack of aggressive mud terrain and rock crawling tyres in the Geolandar range gives Yokohama 4WD tyres a conservative reputation off-road. This page contains specific recommendations for Toyota Landcruisers and Nissan Patrol 4×4 tyres.

Geolandar 4WD tyres by Yokohama are seen as a dark horse against the likes of Cooper tyres, Micky Thompson and BF Goodrich tyres. Read the unprompted tyre reviews and the 4WD Action test results and you’ll see why so many Toyota and Nissan owners choose Yokohama Geolandar AT tyres.

4WD Action AT tyre test results table

The driving tests from the 4WD Action all terrain tyre test in issue No. 167 show the Yokohama Geolandar ATS (G012) as a clear winner. The Yokohama 4×4 AT tyre scored 41.5 out of 50. Five points ahead of the Pirelli ATR and 6.5 points ahead of the Cooper S/T Maxx.

The test vehicle used by 4WD Action Magazine was a Nissan Patrol fitted with 265/75R16 AT tyres. So we’ll start with our recommendations for Nissan Patrol tyres.

Nissan Patrol All Terrain Tyres


Patrol river crossing

Nissan Patrol 4×4 Y60 and Y61 series all terrain and highway terrain tyres
265/75R16 112T Geolandar ATS (G012), 265/70R16 112H Geolandar HTS (G051)
LT 265/75R16 112T Geolandar ATS (G012), LT 265/75R16 112T Geolandar HTS (G051)
275/70R16 114H Geolandar ATS (G012), 275/70R16 114H Geolandar HTS (G051)
275/65R17 115H Geolandar ATS (G012), 275/65R17 115H Geolandar HTS (G051)

For Nissan Patrol tyre prices follow the link to the product page. Click on our size to find Yokohama’s recommended retail price. Then find a Yokohama dealer for a market price.

2005 Nissan Patrol owners Geolandar ATS tyre review
“These tyres are just SENSATIONAL!!!!! The proof is in the KMS (120,000). I have had them on for 4 years now and done many trips across and around Australia and have not had one puncture.

My only problem, I have had is a little bit of uneven wear from a steering issue with the car (Not the tyre ). Would I buy them again? In a heart beat. In fact I am going to get some newbies very soon. Still have about 10 to 15k left in the tread. I would and have recommended these tyres to many people.

Toyota Landcruiser All Terrain Tyres

Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 tyres

Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 80 series, 100 series and 200 series AT and HT tyres
265/70R15 112T Geolandar ATS (G012), 265/70R15 112H Geolandar HTS (G051)
275/70R16 114H Geolandar ATS (G012), 275/70R16 114H Geolandar HTS (G051)
LT235/85R16 120/116R Geolandar ATS (G012)
275/65R17 115H Geolandar ATS (G012), 275/65R17 115H Geolandar HTS (G051)
285/65R17 116H Geolandar ATS (G012), 285/65R17 116H Geolandar HTS (G051)

For Toyota Landcruiser tyre prices follow the link to the product page. Click on our size to find Yokohama’s recommended retail price. Then find a Yokohama tyre store for a market price.

Toyota Prado 4×4 120 series and 150 series highway and all terrain tyres
225/70R17 108T Geolandar ATS (G012), 225/70R17 108H Geolandar HTS (G051)
265/65R17 112H Geolandar ATS (G012), 265/65R17 112H Geolandar HTS (G051)
LT245/70R17 119/116R Geolandar ATS (G012)
265/60R18 110H Geolandar ATS (G012), 265/60R18 110H Geolandar HTS (G051)

2002 Toyota Prado owners Geolandar ATS tyre review
I just clocked over 100,000ks on my GEO ATS ive had mates laugh at my tyre’s, but the jokes stopped when i pulled both there 2.5 tonne 60 series out of creek and up steep hills.

With 85,000ks on the tyres. I’m thinking about a set of GEO MTs next time as im doing more 4wd driving but ive had such a great run on the ATS.

2005 Toyota Prado owners Geolandar ATS tyre review
I have tried BFG,Cooper, Dunlop, Toyo and so on. I have done numerous off Road runs through the Red Centre, down to Chambers Pillar, Finke onwards to Lake Eyre and down the Oodnadatta track towing 1.4 ton camper trailer. No hassle at all great in sand, great in the wet, a pretty good all round tyre.

If you look after pressures and get them balanced and wheel alingned you will get big miles like I have done, I expect to do another 15,000 km safely on my 275x65x17’s as I have approximately 4.5mm left to go to wear markers and need to plug Bob Jane Beenleigh Qld who Look after me very well and will get another set from me very soon.

Free Road Hazard Protection
Yokohama is so confident in the strength and durability of Geolandar All Terrain ATS tyres and Geolandar Highway Terrain HTS tyres that they come with free road hazard protection (from participating Tyres & More stores and Bob Jane T-Marts). This warranty provides free puncture repairs and tyre replacement both on and off-road.

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