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At Yokohama we live and breathe tyres – but we don’t expect our customers to feel the same way. In fact, at Yokohama we realise that tyres, tyre sizes, codes, and compounds can be a little overwhelming.

Most tyre companies offer little in the way of differentiating their tyres, making their range unnecessarily complicated and confusing. And if you buy the wrong rubber for your car, it is a decision you must live with for the life of the tyre

This is why our range of tyres have simple names, not codes. Whether you are an expert, an enthusiast, or simply use your car to get from A to B, our system makes finding the right tyre easy.

Yokohama tyres are described in simple everyday terms, such as ‘everyday tyres’, ‘safe tyres’, ‘performance tyres’, and ‘quiet tyres’, and are differentiated by easy to understand colour codes and clear descriptions.

This allows Yokohama customers to save time and easily make the right tyre choice.

If you want a tyre for everyday driving just remember green. If you want an extra safe tyre for wet roads just remember blue. If it’s high performance you’re after just remember red. Then phone 13 YOKOHAMA (13 9656) for your nearest Yokohama store.