Basic tire information 1/2

Variety of tire – Categories of the tire types


Passenger car tires
Passenger car tires meet the needs of the various driving scenarios, including tires for sports cars, luxury sedans, sport utility vehicle(SUV) and winter tire for each vehicle.


Light truck tires
Light truck tires designed for use by small trucks in delivery and transport operation in urban environments. These tires offer high durability and wear resistance.




Truck & bus tires
Truck & bus tires meet a wide array of seasonal, surface and other conditions in order to be a force for the logistics of people’s lives.


Off-the-Road tires
Off-the-road tires are utilized for large-scale machinery at
construction and mining and other sites with no roads.
These tires support machinery used at various civil engineering sites with excellent durability and head resistance.




Functions of Tires – 4 Important Functions of Tires



Tire construction

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